Terms and Conditions

  1. All orders are to be fully paid for with money reflecting in our bank account before dispatch.
  2. Your order in the queue will be determined by your payment. Only once full payment is received will your order be scheduled for production.
  3. Once your order is confirmed we cannot accommodate any additions/changes to it. This disrupts our workflow and causes unnecessary delays.
  4. If you are collecting from us you will be notified of the day and time your order will be ready for collection.
  5. All products may contain allergens. Our ingredients are clearly displayed on all products. We will not be held responsible for any reactions to ingredients.
  6. To ensure freshness our products must be stored in a cool, dry place within an airtight container. Typical consumption should be within 2 weeks from opening the packaging.
  7. Products will differ slightly from the photos on this website as each item is lovingly hand made. Variations will occur in colour and possibly texture from batch to batch.
  8. All our products are SANHA halaal certified. Should you have any special dietary requirements kindly contact us via the various mediums on offer and we will advise accordingly.
  9. We will run various promotions from time to time. These will be advertised for a limited time only on our social media pages. Once orders close for a certain promotion we will not entertain any late orders unfortunately.